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   Avoiding Rounding Errors in Formula Results
Some formulas just don't give the results you expect. Sometimes this is due to the way that Excel handles rounding. Here's what you can do to avoid rounding errors in your formulas.

   Rounding in Results
Rounding is a fact of life when it comes to using formulas in a worksheet. Sometimes that rounding can be a bit confusing, however. This tip examines one such rounding oddity to explain how rounding occurs in formulas.

   Rounding Numbers
The primary method of rounding values is to use the ROUND function in your formulas. Here's an introduction to this useful worksheet function.

   Rounding Time
Need to round the time in a cell to a certain value? There are a couple of ways you can do this with a formula.

   Rounding to Even and Odd Values
Want to round values so they are always even or odd? You can do it quickly and easily by using the EVEN and ODD worksheet functions.

   Rounding to the Nearest $50
When preparing financial reports, it may make your data easier to understand if you round it to the nearest multiple, such as the nearest $50 increment. You can do that using the worksheet functions described in this tip.

   Rounding To the Nearest Even Integer
Do you need your numbers to be rounded to an even integer value? How you accomplish the task depends on the nature of the numbers you are starting with.

   Rounding to the Nearest Half Dollar
When working with financial data, it's easy to round values to the nearest dollar. What if you want them rounded to the nearest half dollar, however? There are a couple of ways you can determine the rounded value.

   Rounding to Two Significant Digits
Excel provides a variety of functions you can use to round values in any number of ways. It does not, however, provide a way to round a value to a specific number of significant digits. You can easily use a formula to determine the rounded value, however.

   Rounding Up to the Next Half
When processing data it is not unusual to need to round that data in some way. For instance, you may need to round a value upwards, to the next half. How you get the desired result may be perplexing, but Excel provides a number of ways to address the problem.

   Using the MROUND Worksheet Function
If you want to round a value to some multiple of a whole number, you'll want to become familiar with the MROUND function. This tip explains how you can use this function.

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