A Quiet Week

Not much to report from the Wyatt household this week. Things have been quiet (even for my birthday on June 11) and we are enjoying great weather as we start to officially pass from spring into summer. (The summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere occurs in less than a week.)

I hope that all is going well in your corner of the world.


ExcelTips (menu) for 15 June 2019

Counting Filtered Rows

The filtering capabilities of Excel are indispensable when working with large sets of data. When you create a filtered list, you might want to know how many rows are displayed in that list. Here's a variety of methods you can use.

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Searching for a Value Using a Function

Searching for a value using Excel's Find tool is easy; searching for that same value using a formula or a macro is more elusive. This tip discusses ways you can find the address of a cell containing a desired value.

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Making Sense of Times and Dates

One of Excel's great strengths is its ability to work with huge amounts of raw data. Two of the most common types of data stored in Excel are times and dates. Working with these special data types is not as easy as it may first seem. Check out ExcelTips: Times and Dates and learn the secrets of working with your times and dates.

Dates and times
Setting a Default Date Format

Enter a date into a cell, and Excel allows you to format that date in a variety of ways. Don't see the date format you want? You may have a wider number of formats available than you think you do.

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File Formats that Include Field Formats

If you import data into Excel that is created by other programs, you know that it can be bothersome to get your data formatted correctly. This tip discusses text-only file formats (such as CSV) and whether you can specify individual field formatting in the file.

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