Off the Road for a Bit

If you've read this space the past few weeks, you know I've been doing a good deal of traveling lately. Well, I finally made it back home yesterday, and it is good to be off the road for a while. I was in Arizona, visiting my parents, and working on a project I hope to let you know about right after the first of the month.

The weather was great, and traveling conditions were wonderful. I even got to have my oldest grandson along for the ride, and he is a wonderful traveling companion. (I consider myself very fortunate.)

I hope your weekend is going well and that you enjoy the tips in this week's newsletter.


ExcelTips (menu) for 12 October 2019

How Operators are Evaluated

Operators are used in formulas to instruct Excel what to do to arrive at a result. Not all operators are evaluated in the same way, however.

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Moving from Sheet to Sheet

Need to move quickly through the worksheets in a workbook? Learn the keyboard shortcuts and you can make short work of this navigational task.

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PivotTables Make You Feel Faint?

Do you get weak in the knees when asked to deal with huge amounts of data? Forget feeling faint ever again when you are asked to deal with PivotTables. Learn much more than the basics with PivotTables for the Faint of Heart, now available in three great versions.

Working with other programs
Converting Imported Information to Numeric Values

If the information you import into Excel is treated as text by the program, you may want to convert it to numeric values. This tip explains some great ways you can approach the problem and get the numeric values you need.

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Resetting Excel Menus

Excel allows you to easily change what appears on its menus. If you later want to return to Excel's default menu structure, you need the information in this tip.

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