Eclipse Fever

It seems like everyone has "eclipse fever" lately, with a total eclipse passing over the continental US on Monday. Things seem especially fevered in our neck of the woods, since the path of the eclipse is going right over Wyoming. In our small town, the eclipse will reach 94.5% of totality, which should still be pretty dark.

We, however, will be traveling about 3 hours north and east of our town in order to get (hopefully) into the path of totality. I say "hopefully" because, as one might expect, we may run into restrictive traffic on Wyoming's limited road system and, as always, we are at the mercy of the weather.


ExcelTips (menu) for 19 August 2017

Powerful spreadsheets
No More Custom Formats Can Be Added

If you make too many formatting changes to your workbook, you could end up with a situation where you cannot make any such additional changes. This can cause a bit of panic, but understanding the error is the first step to fixing it.

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Incrementing Numeric Portions of Serial Numbers

If you use serial numbers that include both letters and numbers, you might wonder how you can increment the numeric portion to generate a list of those serial numbers. There are a couple of ways you can accomplish this task, as described in this tip.

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Serious about Sorting?

Organize your data in the order that makes sense to you. Excel's sorting tools make it easy to get at the data you need. Get a firm grip on sorting today and your data management tasks will be easier than ever!

Disabling Printing

Don't want your worksheets to be printed out? You can make it a bit harder to get a printout by applying the techniques in this tip.

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Only Showing the Maximum of Multiple Iterations

When you recalculate a worksheet, you can determine the maximum of a range of values. Over time, as those values change, you may want to keep track of the largest value that has ever been in that range. Maintaining this maximum value can be a bit tricky, but it is possible.

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