Getting Away for a Few Days

This past week I've been traveling a bit. My wife and I, to celebrate our anniversary this month, took a "mini vacation" for a few days. We decided to go somewhere we've never been before, so we ended up in Panama City, Florida. The trip was nice, and it is always great to get away for a few days--particularly with someone I love so dearly.

I hope you've had a great week and that you are looking forward to a good one coming up. I also hope that you enjoy the tips in this week's issue of the newsletter.


ExcelTips (menu) for 14 April 2018

Saving in Two Locations

When you save a workbook to disk, you may want to automatically save a duplicate workbook in a separate location. This can be easily done using a macro.

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Data Validation
Limiting Entry of Names

When inputting information into a worksheet, you may need a way to limit what can be entered. This scenario is a prime candidate for the Data Validation capabilities of Excel, but you aren't limited to them.

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Expand Your Macro Skills

Make your Excel macros more professional by creating your own custom dialog boxes, known as UserForms. Present information to the user and gather the information you need quickly and easily. My online video course can help you quickly enhance what you do with macros. The course is normally $49.99, but ExcelTips subscribers receive a 40% discount! Click here to register today!

Powerful spreadsheets
Adding Up Tops and Bottoms

When you are working with sequenced values in a list, you'll often want to take some action based on the top X or bottom Y values in the list. This tip takes a look at how you can sum just these selective values.

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Date formulas
Deciphering a Coded Date

It is no secret that Excel allows you to work with dates in your worksheets. Getting your information into a format that is recognized by Excel as a date can be a challenge, at times. Here is an examination of how to make sense out of a coded date so it can be worked with in Excel.

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(Thanks to Jerrold Dolins, Dave Latham, Luis Gouveia, Barry Fitzpatrick, Pieter de la Court, Tom Holm-Hansen, Bruce Watson, John Hughes, John Madden, Krishna Pillalamarri, Andres Bambaren Alcala, Joe Hall, Doug Horton, Dave Kerr, and Mark Mace for contributing to this tip.)

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