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I hope you enjoy the tips in this week's newsletter. As for me, I'm enjoying leftover turkey and ham from our Thanksgiving holiday. (Other than that, it is a very laid-back weekend.)


ExcelTips (menu) for 28 November 2020

Powerful spreadsheets
Capitalizing Just a Surname

Changing the capitalization of text is, believe it or not, a common task in Excel. Common or not, it can be frustrating to figure out how to change the capitalization of just part of the text. Here's an easy way to change the capitalization of a surname that is part of a longer name.

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Find and Replace
Searching for Wildcards

Wildcard characters can be used within the Find and Replace tool, but what if you want to actually search for those wildcard characters themselves? That's where the judicious use of the tilde character comes into play.

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Inserting Rows

Need to insert rows in your worksheet? Excel provides a few techniques you can use to do this. Here are some ideas you can put to work.

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Excel can calculate at lightening speed
Changing Font Color

There are any number of reasons to format different cells in different colors. Excel allows you to easily change the color used to display information. This tip describes a couple of ways to change font color.

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