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ExcelTips (menu) for 24 February 2018

Working with Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheets

If you've got some older data around your office that started in an old Lotus 1-2-3 system, you may want to open it in Excel. How Excel works with that older data depends on a couple of program settings you make.

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Creating macros
Continuing Macro Lines

Sometimes a macro command line can get very, very long. This can make it hard to understand when you look at it a month or so from now. It is better to break your command lines up into individual lines that are easier to understand and document.

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Formatting Made Powerful

Discover one of the foundational building blocks of Excel. Custom formats are the basis for all cell-level formatting in Excel, and you can master their use. Display your data exactly and precisely as you want.

Macros extend Excel
Reversing Cell Contents

Macros are great at working with text. This tip presents an example that shows this versatility by reversing the contents of the text in a given cell.

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Excel can calculate at lightening speed
Status Bar Summing No Longer Available

When you select a range of cells, Excel normally displays the sum of those selected cells on the status bar. If the sum no longer appears, here's how you can get it back.

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