Isn't It Time to Master Macros?

If you've been receiving ExcelTips for a while, you know that I try to publish tips that meet the needs of a wide range of Excel users. Each week I try to include some tips addressed to the needs of beginners and some for more advanced users.

It isn't unusual for tips (regardless of level) to talk about using macros to accomplish tasks. (Today's issue of the newsletter is no different; some of the tips talk about using macros.) The reason for this is simple—macros are a great way to extend what you can do with Excel.

Some folks have been flummoxed by macros, though, so I've created what I feel is the absolute best online courses that can help you finally take the plunge and learn about macros.

It is my practice to only open the doors to my courses a few times each year. If all goes right, I should be opening the doors to the course sometime this next week. The last time I opened the doors to this course was seven months ago, back in July of last year.

In preparation for opening the doors, I wanted to share with you a short video series that I created. It covers topics such as why you may want to use macros and how to actually start creating them. I also, toward the end of the series, explain what is in the course. These videos are free, and I'll make the first of them available this coming Monday, April 6. (That's the day after tomorrow.)

My goal is to release four free videos during the coming week. If you'd like to see the first video, the best way is to visit this page:

If you visit and see that the videos aren't ready yet, just plug your e-mail address into the form on the page and I'll be sure to notify you the moment I release the first free video.

Until then, I hope that you enjoy the tips in this week's issue of the newsletter!


ExcelTips (menu) for 4 April 2020

AutoFilling with the Alphabet

If you need to fill a number of cells with a specific sequence of characters (such as the alphabet), there are several ways you can do it. This tip examines several such ways, in the context of creating word search puzzles.

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Conditional formatting
Noting Inactivity within a Timeframe

There are many times when you are creating a worksheet that you need to analyze dates within that worksheet. Once such instance may be to figure out whether a certain date is outside some timeframe that you specify. This tip takes a look at how to accomplish such an analysis feat.

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Is It Worth a Thousand Words?

Tired of looking at boring numbers? Add the persuasive power of charts and graphics to your worksheets. Excel's tools can help you present your data in a more understandable, accessible manner. Find out why a picture is worth a thousand words.

Powerful spreadsheets
Inserting Different Dashes

Excel supports several types of dashes. This tip describes those different types and explains how to enter them in a cell.

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Powerful spreadsheets
Header and Footer Background Color

Want to add some color to the printing of your page headers and footers? Your options are limited, as disclosed in this tip.

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