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ExcelTips (menu) for 25 March 2017

Relative References to Cells in Other Workbooks

When you construct a formula and click on a cell in a different workbook, an absolute reference to that cell is placed in the formula. There is no way to tell Excel you want the references to be relative, but there are some things you can try to change the references.

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Powerful spreadsheets
Forcing Stubborn Recalculation

Have you ever recalculated a worksheet, only to notice that not everything calculated as it should? Here's a way you can force a complete recalc, along with some ideas on why you might not be seeing the results that you expect.

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PivotTables Make You Feel Faint?

Do you get weak in the knees when asked to deal with huge amounts of data? Forget feeling faint ever again when you are asked to deal with PivotTables. Learn much more than the basics with PivotTables for the Faint of Heart, now available in three great versions.

Selecting a Paper Size

Excel can print your worksheet on just about any paper size you can imagine. How you select the paper size you want used depends on your printer's capabilities and what Windows allows you to do.

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Powerful spreadsheets
Changing the Percent Symbol

Some symbols can be easily changed in Excel or in Windows, such as the symbols used for currency and to separate thousands in numbers. Other symbols are more difficult to change. It is this latter group into which the percent symbol falls, as illustrated in this tip.

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(Thanks to Barry Dysert, Brian Miller, Ian Daniel, Doug Horton, David Laminack, and Dave Pettit for contributing to this tip.)

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