Remembering and Reflection

In the United States, today is (for many) a day of solemn reflection. Today marks two decades since the largest terrorist attack on American soil. It is one of those days that I can remember where I was and what I was doing as the news broke. I know I will be one of those pausing, remembering, and reflecting on this day.

Even so, I wanted to remind you that just about 10 days ago I opened the doors to my Using Dates and Times online course. I hope you've taken the opportunity to check it out, as the course provides all the info you need to discover how to slice, dice, and otherwise manipulate dates and times in your workbooks.

This is a low-cost video course that shows you, on-screen, how your data is entered and interpreted by Excel. I demonstrate in a hands-on manner how you can use that knowledge to allow you to work with dates and times just as easily as you would work with any other numeric data in the program.

You can find complete information on the course here:

Please take the opportunity to check it out. I'm only accepting students in this course through this coming Wednesday, so you'll want to act quickly so you don't miss out.

I hope you enjoy the tips in this week's issue of ExcelTips.


ExcelTips (menu) for 11 September 2021

Stopping Date Parsing when Opening a CSV File

Excel tries to make sense out of any data that you import from a non-Excel file. Sometimes this can have unwanted results. Here's how to make sure that Excel interprets the imported data in the way you expect.

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Macros extend Excel
Splitting Information into Rows

Got too much information in a single cell? Here's how you can use a macro to pull apart that information and put it into cells in the way you want.

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Making Sense of Times and Dates

One of Excel's great strengths is its ability to work with huge amounts of raw data. Two of the most common types of data stored in Excel are times and dates. Working with these special data types is not as easy as it may first seem. Check out ExcelTips: Times and Dates and learn the secrets of working with your times and dates.

Creating macros
Selecting Visible Cells in a Macro

Many times you need to select just the visible cells before taking some action. It is helpful to know how to make this specialized selection within a macro.

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Date formulas
Incrementing Months in Dates

Excel can easily store dates. If you want to increment a date by one month, there are a number of ways you can accomplish the task. Here are some ideas.

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