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ExcelTips (menu) for 24 July 2021

Understanding Auditing

Excel provides some great tools that can help you see the relationships between the formulas in your worksheets. These are known as auditing tools and are introduced in this tip.

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Printing Workbook Properties

Want to create a printed record of the properties associated with a workbook? There is no easy way to do it in Excel. Here's a macro, however, that you can use to create a worksheet that contains all your workbook properties.

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Supercharge Your Formatting

Want to change how your data looks based on criteria that you determine? It's easy to do using Excel's powerful conditional formatting features. Picture how you want your data to appear, then use conditional formatting to make it happen. Unleash the power of conditional formatting today.

Customizing Excel
Adding a Little Animation to Your Life

Tired of the same old boring Excel look? You can add some life to your worksheets by introducing some animation. Here's what Excel can do and how you can use this feature to add some excitement to your project.

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Powerful spreadsheets
Creating Scenarios

Excel allows you to create different scenarios for the data in your worksheet. These can be saved and managed using the Scenario Manager, as described in this tip.

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