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ExcelTips (menu) for 22 July 2017

Powerful spreadsheets
Setting Page Margins

When getting ready to print your worksheet, you may want to take a moment to check what margins Excel will use on the printout. The program makes it easy to modify the margins of your printed page.

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Creating a Log/Log Chart

If you need to create a chart that uses logarithmic values on both axes, it can be confusing how to get what you want. This tip explains which of the chart types in Excel is best suited for the type of chart you need.

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Is It Worth a Thousand Words?

Tired of looking at boring numbers? Add the persuasive power of charts and graphics to your worksheets. Excel's tools can help you present your data in a more understandable, accessible manner. Find out why a picture is worth a thousand words.

Dates and times
How Excel Stores Dates and Times

Excel stores dates and times internally using what is called a serial number. This tip explains how that serial number is derived.

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Turning Off Track Changes without Unsharing

The Track Changes tool in Excel can be helpful, but it can also be aggravating because it doesn't allow you to use it on a shared workbook. This tip examines the precise interaction between Track Changes and workbook sharing.

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