Having a Good Week

I hope that things are going well in your corner of the world. Here, in the Wyatt corner, things have been buzzing just a bit, as I've dealt with an influx of new students in a course I prepared for Microsoft Word users. (It's a good "busy," though, as I enjoy helping people out.)

Speaking of courses, I'm thinking of opening the doors to my Excel Macros Master Class again in the near future. There are still a few logistical issues I need to deal with, but I hope to get those ironed out in due course. If I do decide to open the doors (or, I should say, *when* I decide to open the doors) I'll let you know.

I hope you enjoy the tips in this week's newsletter and that you have a great week.


ExcelTips (menu) for 16 February 2019

Importing Multiple Files to a Single Workbook

If you use Excel to work with data exported from another program, you might be interested in a way to import a large number of text files into an Excel workbook. This tip explains how you can use a macro to make short work of the files you need to import.

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Displaying Images based on a Result

Got some images that you want to appear in a worksheet based on the result displayed in a cell? Figuring out how to "conditionally display" an image can be tricky, but it can be done following the steps in this tip.

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Macros! Macros! Get Your Macros Here!

Learn all the best methods for creating and using Excel macros. ExcelTips: The Macros is the best single source for learning about macros or improving your existing skills. Be the person everyone looks to when something needs to happen in Excel. Get yours today!

Date formulas
Calculating Week-Ending Dates

When working with dates, you may need to figure out all the dates on which weeks end in a given year. There are several formulaic ways to accomplish this task, as described in this tip.

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Web publishing
Adding Excel Information to a Web Page

Besides saving a worksheet as a complete Web page, you can also save smaller portions of your data to an existing Web page. This tip shows how easy such an operation is.

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