Full-Speed through Summer

I hope you are having a great weekend. It seems in our area that people are enjoying the "last hurrah" of Summer, before school starts up in the very near future.

This past week you should have received an e-mail letting you know about the latest "opening" of Mynda Treacy's updated dashboard course. In case you missed that message, a great way to discover more is to check out her free webinars, here:


Once you get to the page, scroll down a bit and you'll see that you can sign up for her free webinar on creating interactive dashboards. This is great info, and you'll no doubt pick up some tips you haven't considered before. (Let me know how you enjoy it!)


ExcelTips (menu) for 11 August 2018

Powerful spreadsheets
Unable to Format Cells

If you ever get to a situation where you can no longer format cells in a workbook, you'll realize just how important the formatting capabilities of Excel really are. You'll also realize that you need to figure out what is causing the problem; the information in this tip can provide some guidance.

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Conditional formatting
Understanding Conditional Formatting Conditions

Conditional formatting can be a great way to highlight specific information in your worksheets. This tip explains the different types of conditions you can check for in your formatting criteria.

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Baffled by Array Formulas?

Have you heard about the special array formulas you can create in Excel? They make it a snap to perform calculations using large amounts of data and even generate results you can't get with regular formulas. Array formulas may be Excel's best-kept secret. Remove the confusion; discover how to use array formulas today.

Powerful spreadsheets
Changing an Existing Style

Excel allows you to create styles that define how your data looks. At some point you may want to change a style you previously created. Here's how to do it.

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Using Print Preview

The Print Preview feature can be a great way to see how something will look on paper without actually using any paper. This tip discusses how to use Print Preview and the tools that it offers to you.

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