Here we are in December, already—the last month of the year! Thanksgiving is past and Christmas is only a few weeks away.

In the week following Thanksgiving I reflect, often, on the things I am thankful for. You see, I'm one of those "softies" that thinks about such things and, literally, gives thanks. I couldn't help but have appreciation for all those who help contribute to ExcelTips. There are even a few who have done so since I started this newsletter back in 1998. (Yes, we hit 25 years of weekly publishing last month.) It is gratifying to me that people find ExcelTips helpful and look forward to receiving it each week.

I hope that you are enjoying the holiday season and that you take time, like this old softie, to reflect on those things you savor and for which you are thankful.


ExcelTips (menu) for 2 December 2023

Advanced filtering
Extracting Targeted Records from a List

When working with large amounts of data, you may have a need to extract just the information that meets the criteria you specify. Excel provides the built-in tools that make this task easy.

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Hiding Outline Symbols

Outline symbols are automatically displayed by Excel when you add subtotals or organize your data using an outline. If you don't want those symbols to appear, you can configure Excel as described in this tip.

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Baffled by Array Formulas?

Have you heard about the special array formulas you can create in Excel? They make it a snap to perform calculations using large amounts of data and even generate results you can't get with regular formulas. Array formulas may be Excel's best-kept secret. Remove the confusion; discover how to use array formulas today.

Sharing Your Workbook

Need to allow others to contribute to your Excel workbook? It's easy to do if you just share it. This tip provides an overview of how you can easily share with others.

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Find and Replace
Searching for Line Breaks

If you need to find where line breaks are located in cells, there are a couple of ways you can proceed. Here's a quick overview of how you can locate those pesky line breaks.

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