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I hope you are enjoying temperate weather this week and that things are going well in your corner of the world. I also hope you enjoy this week's tips.


ExcelTips (menu) for 20 May 2017

Converting Text to Values

When you import information originating in a different program, Excel may not do the best job at figuring out what various pieces of that information are used for. Here's a couple of ways to quickly convert imported textual values into the numeric values they should have been all along.

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Worksheet tabs
Getting the Name of the Worksheet Into a Cell

Excel allows you to change the names assigned to the worksheets in a workbook. If you want to have those names appear in a cell on the worksheet, there are a couple of ways you can approach the problem. Here's an assortment of techniques.

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Serious about Sorting?

Organize your data in the order that makes sense to you. Excel's sorting tools make it easy to get at the data you need. Get a firm grip on sorting today and your data management tasks will be easier than ever!

Macros extend Excel
Finding Columns of a Certain Width

If you need to find out how many columns are set to be a specific width, you'll need a macro to help determine the info. Here's a couple that will help.

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Retrieving Worksheet Names

Want to grab the names of all the worksheets in a workbook? Here's how you can stuff all those names into the cells of a worksheet.

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