Are You Seriously Sorting?

Are you seriously sorting yet? Excel has some great sorting tools, but do you really know how to take advantage of them all? It doesn't take long to figure it all out, provided you have some expert guidance along the way.

Almost two weeks ago I released the greatly updated version of my Excel Serious Sorting e-book. It provides the guidance you need to get your data in the order you want. Here's where you can get the full details:

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ExcelTips (menu) for 8 June 2024

Worksheet tabs
Increasing Font Size In Worksheet Tabs

While Excel does not have an intrinsic way to change the font in on a worksheet tab, Windows does.

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Accessing a Problem Shared Workbook

What are you to do is you share a workbook with others, and then suddenly the workbook won't open properly? Dealing with a corrupted workbook can be a bother, but there are a few things you can try.

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Serious about Sorting?

Organize your data in the order that makes sense to you. Excel's sorting tools make it easy to get at the data you need. Get a firm grip on sorting today and your data management tasks will be easier than ever!

Online and web
References to Hyperlinks aren't Hyperlinks

Make a reference to a hyperlink in a formula, and you may be surprised that the reference doesn't return an active hyperlink. Here's why that happens and what you can do about it.

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Creating macros
Understanding the For ... Next Structure

Part of the power of VBA is being able to control when some of your code executes and when it doesn't. A primary way to do this is with the For...Next structure.

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