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Jumping to a Specific Worksheet

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated June 22, 2018)


If you have a huge number of worksheets in a workbook, you may be looking for a way to jump to a specific sheet rather easily. There are a number of ways you can approach this task, and their applicability to your situation depends on how many worksheets you actually have in the workbook.

One option that works well if you have a limited number of worksheets (say, 30-40 sheets or less) is to right-click the sheet navigation buttons at the left of the sheet tabs. Doing so will pull up a list of worksheet names, and you can select which one you want to jump to. If there are more worksheets than can comfortably fit in the list, then one of the options is "More Sheets." Select that option, and you end up with a dialog box that lists all the worksheets and you can make your selection.

Another option that many people employ is to create a "table of contents" for your workbook. In the first worksheet, enter a bunch of hyperlinks that jump to the various worksheets in your workbook. That way you can display the TOC, click a link, and you are on your way.

If you know the name of the worksheet you want to jump to, you can also use the Go To capabilities of Excel. Follow these steps:

  1. Press F5. Excel displays the Go To dialog box.
  2. In the Reference box, enter Sheet83!A1. (Replace "Sheet83" with the name of the worksheet you want to jump to.)
  3. Click OK.

Another option is to create a macro to prompt for either the name or number of the worksheet you want to display. The following macro could be assigned to a shortcut key, and then you can use it to jump to whatever sheet is desired.

Sub GotoSheet()
    Dim sSheet As String

    sSheet = InputBox( _
      Prompt:="Sheet name or number?", _
      Title:="Input Sheet")
    On Error Resume Next
    If Val(sSheet) > 0 Then
    End If
End Sub


If you would like to know how to use the macros described on this page (or on any other page on the ExcelTips sites), I've prepared a special page that includes helpful information. Click here to open that special page in a new browser tab.

ExcelTips is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Excel training. This tip (3119) applies to Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, 2002, and 2003. You can find a version of this tip for the ribbon interface of Excel (Excel 2007 and later) here: Jumping to a Specific Worksheet.

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What is one less than 3?

2018-08-22 10:51:16


Example: If I have a number in sheet 1 that comes from sheet 40; how can I easily jump to that referenced number in sheet 40 (hyperlink)?

2017-05-27 15:58:03


"One option that works well if you have a limited number of worksheets (say, 30-40 sheets or less) is to right-click the sheet navigation buttons at the left of the sheet tabs. Doing so will pull up a list of worksheet names, and you can select which one you want to jump to."

Is there a way to add a button that will bring up the same worksheet names list when clicked? Just like when you right click?


2017-04-15 09:20:11


If i want the list of Sheets to be displayed for selection then what to be done?

2017-02-03 04:43:06

Prime Aque

Thank you, I have been using Google Spreadsheet and it is easy to find a particular sheet in a workbook, now I know how to deal this on excel! Thank you!

2016-12-15 16:40:08


Very helpful,,,

Muchas gracias.

2016-10-04 10:31:16

Muhammad haseeb Zahid

Thanks this is very helpful for any student. this is so easy.

2016-09-28 01:21:02

nattawut k.

Thank you for the good one.

2016-09-01 19:02:16


Is it possible to tweak this code so I only have to type a portion of the sheet name rather than the entire name?

2016-07-22 16:51:18


Can you use the go-to shortcut to jump to a worksheet whose name is more than one word? ie. Acosta FS (Has a space between the words.)

2016-06-13 10:47:47


you can go to next buttons at bottom left corner
and right click on them to go to a worksheet directly

2016-02-11 00:32:53

Deevanshu Khatri

Dear Sir, Good Morning

I Want to Learn how to work & linking in Excel kindly help me .

2015-11-28 07:59:12


i want learn of how to go to directly jumping to linking place in excel sheet which function key, or command.. please tell us..

2015-10-27 07:34:39



2015-10-20 14:11:34

Martin greene

I need to insert the option of a wildcard vs typing in the entire name

2015-10-20 10:42:08

Marty Greene

For long worksheet names , can wildcards be used in the prompt input? Which work best?

2015-09-15 09:19:02

Parwez Ali

I Have Sheet Names like Hollidays, Comments Style, Income Etc so how can i search them That formula doesn't work Please tell me About this issue.

2015-08-15 08:42:56


Hey amar
Just remove all the if statements and Leave only "Worksheets(sSheet).Activate" and you should be fine
It should look like this:
Sub Jumper()
Dim sSheet As String

sSheet = InputBox( _
Prompt:="Enter Date in Formate 01/MM/YYYY", _
Title:="Input Sheet")
On Error Resume Next
End Sub

2015-06-29 06:30:33


Not working because my sheets name is like 791
in number format.

please help me whit i have to use at place of string..............

2015-02-23 03:14:21


super! i needed this so bad. i didn't expect it to be so easy. thank you!

2014-04-30 09:44:28

shiv kumar

I like this macro you have provided, short and working..

2014-01-31 10:48:22

prabha jesi malar

thanks for your answer and your coding thanks thanks to all

2013-12-21 03:05:41


Notify me about new comments ANYWHERE ON THIS SITE

2013-11-16 12:50:39


this is a tip i will use and completely forgot about.. if you dont use it you will forget it ... :)

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