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AutoFill with Random Numbers
When entering data into a worksheet, you may have a need to fill a range of cells with a group of random numbers. This task is easy to do using the approaches outlined in this tip.

Determining a Random Value
Random values are often needed when working with certain types of data. When you need to generate a random value in a macro, the Rnd function is the way to go.

Generating Double-Digit Random Numbers
Normally you use the RAND and RANDBETWEEN functions to generate random numbers. What if you want to generate random numbers within a certain range but exclude some numbers in that range? Here's some ideas on how to get what you want.

Picking Different Random Numbers from a Range
It is not unusual to need to select two random items from a list. There are a couple of ways you can approach the task; the techniques discussed in this tip make the job quite easy.

Playing with a Full Deck
Ever need to populate some cells in your worksheet with a range of data, but in random order? Here's a handy macro to get the job done.

Random Numbers in a Range
Excel provides several different functions that you can use to generate random numbers. One of the most useful is the RANDBETWEEN function, which allows you to generate a random number between a lower and upper boundary that you specify.


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