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Changing Page Margins
If your worksheet is destined to be printed, you'll need to be concerned with how it appears on the page. One layout setting you can easily control is the margins surrounding your worksheet.

Changing Paper Size for a Complete Workbook
If you need to change the size of paper on which your worksheets will be printed, it can be bothersome to make the change on each worksheet individually. Here's how to make the change on the entire workbook, at one time, regardless of how many worksheets it contains.

Defining a Custom Paper Size
Need to print your worksheet on a non-standard paper size? Excel is rather limited in printing to such papers, and here is why.

Resetting Page Setup
If you ever open a workbook and find that your carefully crafted worksheets no longer print on the number of pages you expect, it could be because of a change in your computer system. This may mean a lot more work crafting the worksheets again.

Scaling Your Printing
If you want to cram more of your worksheet onto each page of a printout, one way to do it is by using scaling. Here's how you can scale the information to get just the right printout size.

Setting Default Print Margins
Don't like the print margins that Excel uses by default? You can change the default by changing the workbook on which Excel bases the new workbooks you create.

Setting Page Margins
When getting ready to print your worksheet, you may want to take a moment to check what margins Excel will use on the printout. The program makes it easy to modify the margins of your printed page.


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