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   Adding Borders to Cells
Excel makes it easy to add all sorts of lines around a cell or range of cells. How easy? This tip demonstrates how to add just the borders you want.

   Adding Diagonal Borders
Borders on all sides of a cell are easy to do in Excel. You can also create diagonal borders that run right through the middle of the cell.

   Automatic Lines for Dividing Lists
When preparing a report for others to use, it is not unusual to add a horizontal line between major sections of the report. Depending on your data, you can make it so that Excel adds the line automatically.

   Changing the Color of a Cell Border
Excel provides a variety of tools you can use to make your data look more presentable on the screen and on a printout. Here's how to change the color of the borders you may add to your cells.

   Drawing Borders
Adding borders around cells is a common formatting task. You can make the task more intuitive by actually drawing the borders using the mouse.

   Removing Borders
Need to get rid of the borders around a cell? The shortcut in this tip can make quick work of this formatting task.

   Replacing Background Colors in Cells
Want a quick way to replace background colors in cells? It's easy to do using Find and Replace, or you can simply use the quick macro provided in this tip.

   Rounded Corners on Cells
As you are formatting a worksheet, Excel allows you to easily add borders to cells. Adding rounded corners to cells is a different story; there is no easy way to do it. This tip presents a workaround that may help you achieve the desired outcome.

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