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   Changing the Height of Worksheet Tabs
Do you need your worksheet tabs to be taller than what they are? You can't make the adjustment in Excel, but you can make it in Windows itself.

   Dynamic Worksheet Tab Names
Need a worksheet's name to change based on the contents of a cell? You'll need to rely on a macro to do the changing, but it the task is rather easy as you discover in this tip.

   Freezing Worksheet Tabs
If you have a lot of worksheets in a workbook, you may wonder if you can "freeze" the position of some of those worksheet tabs. Here's some different ways to tackle the problem.

   Getting the Name of the Worksheet Into a Cell
Excel allows you to change the names assigned to the worksheets in a workbook. If you want to have those names appear in a cell on the worksheet, there are a couple of ways you can approach the problem. Here's an assortment of techniques.

   Increasing Font Size In Worksheet Tabs
While Excel does not have an intrinsic way to change the font in on a worksheet tab, Windows does.

   Naming Tabs for Weeks
Need to set up a workbook that includes a worksheet for each week of the year? Here's a couple of quick macros that can do the hard work for you.

   Picking Worksheets Quickly
If your workbook contains a multitude of worksheets, the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the program window start to loose a bit of their utility value. If you want a quick way to choose which worksheet to display, apply the technique described in this tip.

   Referencing Worksheet Tabs
Ever want to use the name of a worksheet tab within a cell? Here's how you can access that information using the CELL function.

   Retrieving Worksheet Names
Want to grab the names of all the worksheets in a workbook? Here's how you can stuff all those names into the cells of a worksheet.

   Sheets for Days
Need a quick way to have a worksheet for each day in a month? Here's a macro that makes the worksheet creation a snap.

   Turning Off Worksheet Tabs
Look at the bottom of a worksheet and chances are you will see tabs for all the worksheets in the current workbook. Want to hide those tabs? You can do so by using the steps described here.

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