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   Accessing Dependent and Precedent Information
The auditing tools provided in Excel can provide some very helpful information about how your formulas and data are related to each other. If you want to grab the dependent and precedent information maintained by the auditing tools so you can use it in different ways, this tip can help.

   Counting Precedents and Dependents
Do you need to know how many precedents or dependents there are on a worksheet? You could count them manually, or you could let a short macro derive the information for you.

   Discovering Dependent Workbooks
When you starting linking information from one workbook to another, those workbooks become dependent on each other. Discovering which workbooks are dependent on the workbook you may have open can be difficult. Here's why.

   Tracing Dependent Cells
Cells that use the information in a particular cell are called dependent cells. Excel provides auditing tools that allow you to easily determine whether any other cells are dependent on whatever cell you want to analyze.

   Tracing Precedent Cells
Cells that affect another cell are called precedent cells. If you need to know which cells affect a particular cell, Excel provides some great auditing tools you need to discover.

   Understanding Auditing
Excel provides some great tools that can help you see the relationships between the formulas in your worksheets. These are known as auditing tools and are introduced in this tip.

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