Suppressing the Reviewing Toolbar on E-mailed Workbooks

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated February 20, 2014)

If you are using Excel 2002 or Excel 2003 and you e-mail a workbook to someone, then when they open the workbook, Excel automatically displays the Reviewing toolbar. If you receive workbooks from other people via e-mail, and you get tired of the Reviewing toolbar always being displayed, there is little you can do to force it to stay hidden.

You can use a macro to temporarily disable the Reviewing toolbar, but it won't permanently disable it. The following macro will perform the temporary suppression:

Sub SuppressReviewingToolbar()
    Application.CommandBars("Reviewing").Enabled = False
End Sub

You can add this to a module in your personal.xls so it is always available and, if desired, create a keyboard shortcut to it or assign it to a toolbar button. That way you can quickly close the toolbar whenever it pops up.

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