Figuring Out a Page Number

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated April 22, 2013)

If you have worked in Excel for some time, it can be very frustrating to figure out your "current page number." For instance, you may want to know which page a particular cell will print on when you actually print. In Excel 95, this was difficult to do, as you needed to resort to some trickery to make it happen. For instance, you might format the cell in question using some odd color of type, and then use Print Preview to see where the cell showed up.

Beginning with Excel 97, however, things started looking up and Excel became quite a bit more accommodating. The easiest way to see what page a cell will print on is to select the cell, and then choose Page Break Preview from the View menu. Excel then displays your worksheet, broken into pages, and you can scroll around to see how everything looks. This is a bit different than the Print Preview method, and lots more useful.

When you are done working in Page Break Preview mode, you can get back to your regular worksheet by choosing Normal from the View menu.

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